(2) Activated Carbon Vessels

  •  Construction 316 Stainless Steel Polished OD/ID #4 Finish
  • Service Inlet City Water Tank Pump
  • Service Outlet to 6”Line  Reverse Osmosis

Back Wash Waster to Recovery Tank

Steam Sterilization 2” Line at 15 PSI.

Photos include the NEMA 4 -PLC Control Panel.

All the electrical connects are Stainless Steel.

  • The termination of Electrical drops support by the Process Piping Hangers.
  • Reverse Osmosis Equipment
  • Service Inlet from 6”( From AC Filter)

The Reverse Osmosis has (3) 5-micron polishing filter vessels.

HACH CL 17 Measure Chorine Levels to high shut down Reverse Machine to protect the Membrane Filters.

  1. We install remote terminals in the Plant Engineers office and the Quality Control Lab.
  2. Plant Training are included when the System is operating.
  3. The CIP System is design to clean the membranes.


Distribution Pump Skids 

Electrical Disconnect and VFD Variable Frequency Drive

The pump Skids drains, that feed to the large Trench Drain.

The City Water tank and the Purified Water Storage Tank, Recovery Tank all have level transmitter.

This system is balanced by the setpoints during start up.

General Scope pre-start up Chase Filters include Passivation with Food Grade Citric Acid.

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